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My daughter joined iEducators at the beginning of P6, after her friend recommended this tuition centre to her.

Before she joined, she was doing below average in Maths and Science, and I could tell that she wasn’t interested in these 2 subjects. This was worrying for me since it was her PSLE year.

Luckily after only a few months of attending tuition classes for these 2 subjects at iEducators, my daughter started to show more interest in these subjects. She improved very quickly and managed to get a good score of 255 for her PSLE.

I’m really thankful for the help that iEducators’ tutors had given my daughter. This would definitely not have been possible without their help!

Parent of Cheng Shi Min
Northland Pri School, P6

My tutor at iEducators often shares good articles from the Straits Times with us. This has greatly helped me in building up my vocabulary for composition. She has been very interactive with us in the class as well. My love for reading and writing grew and eventually I got an A for English during my year-end exam!

Vanessa Chow
Yishun Town Sec School, Sec 1

iEducators definitely helped my daughter by providing detailed comments and feedback every week. Since attending the English lessons at iEducators, her writing style and organization of thoughts improved tremendously. Her comprehension has visible improvement as well. The tutors there are friendly and approachable and Xue Lin has been enjoying her lessons at iEducators!

Parent of Tang Xue Lin
Northland Pri School, P4

Joining iEducators was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my sec school life! The lessons are well conducted and the instructor’s method of teaching is always very clear and engaging!

I took triple sciences knowing that I want to further my studies in Sciences in JC and Uni. However, to be honest, I did not enjoy the subjects as much as I thought I would. But all this changed after I joined iEducators Tuition Centre and took up their Physics and Chemistry group tuition. I began to finally understand that the main reason why I did not enjoy it was because I could not see its relevance to the real world!

Luckily, the tutors’ engaging and interactive teaching style helped me to see its relevance to the real world. I started to enjoy this subject and began putting more effort in it! This helped me improve my Physics grade from C6 to A1, and Chemistry grade from B4 to A1 for O levels.

I still find it unbelievable that I could improve so much. I sincerely thank iEducators for helping me achieve this! I highly recommend this tuition centre to those looking for reliable tuition!

Patricia Toh
Northbrooks Sec School, Sec 4

During Sec 3, I have always scored C5 and below for both my E Maths and A Maths exams. I frequently found myself unable to catch up during classes. I thought of taking up 1-1 tuition as I was afraid I would lag behind even in tuition classes.

Thankfully, I chose to join iEducators tuition instead. Honestly, I found the group tuition at iEducators worked better than my previous 1-1 tuition. The synergy in the group setting pushed me to work harder for the subject. Also, the questions that my classmates asked in class helped me to rethink about each concept, and tested my understanding as well.

This helped me to ensure that I fully understood every detail, which eventually secured me A1 grades for both papers at my O levels! Thank you iEducators!

Chan Hui Ling
Yishun Town Sec School, Sec 4

I enrolled my child into iEducators Maths and Science classes when she was in Primary 4, after my friend introduced this tuition centre to me.

My child was only doing average in school so I decided to give it a try, although previous tuition classes did not seem to work for my child. To my surprise, the classes at iEducators worked out really well for my daughter!

After each lesson at iEducators, she would always excitedly tell me what she learnt after class and the different science experiment that was shown to her during lesson. She never did that before she joined this tuition centre. Seeing her enjoy the classes made me believe that I had made the right choice. The small class size also helped to ensure that each student can get personal attention from the tutor.

Her teacher also told me that Min Ting became more active in answering questions in class, which I believe is because she is more confident in her own knowledge than before. She is now doing so much better than before in school and I’m confident she will do well for her PSLE under iEducators’ guidance! Highly recommended!

Parent of Wong Min Ting
Jiemin Pri School, P6

I improved from a C6 to A1 for O levels Physics in only 8 months! Thanks to iEducators!

Before I joined iEducators, I constantly hovered around a C6/D7 grade for my Maths, be it in a minor class test or major exams. I worked very hard, but the results were not showing. I got really frustrated at myself.

Luckily, I chose to join iEducators Tuition Centre. From then on, my grades turned for the better. Of course, I continued to work hard. The only difference was that I knew I was in safe hands under my tutor’s guidance. I knew that finally, my hard work will pay off, unlike my previous attempts.

My tutor willingly spends extra time to guide his students and makes sure that all of us clearly understood where we had gone wrong. Without his guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to score an A1 for my O levels Maths exam! I made an astonishing 5-grade jump in only 8 months, all thanks to iEducators! Definitely recommend this tuition centre!

Thomas Phua
Chung Cheng High School, Sec 4

When my child scored only 60% in his SA1 Maths exam in P5, I was very worried as I know that P5 is a really important year for him to build a strong foundation for PSLE.

Thankfully his friend recommended him to iEducators tuition centre. The tutors provided free pre-enrolment assessment for Kai Ming, and they took the time to explain to me where my son’s strengths and weaknesses lie in. This came as a surprise to me as the previous tuition centres that I have gone to provided minimal parent-teacher interaction.

The tutors are also very encouraging and always ensure that all students keep in pace with the lessons.

My son improved to 85% for his P5 final exams. I am deeply impressed with his improvement and would not hesitate to recommend iEducators to other parents!

Parent of Wong Kai Ming
Northview Pri School, P5

My son’s Mathematics marks improved from 74 for SA1 to 91 for SA2 in only a few months! iEducators provided frequent mock exams and useful feedback which helped my son improve so quickly! Highly recommended!

Parent of Timothy Lim
Northland Pri School, P5

I joined iEducators for Science and Mathematics lessons to prepare for my PSLE. I like the tutors at iEducators as they are helpful and patient. The lessons are very interesting and it made me love Science and Mathematics! Eventually , I scored more than 90 marks for both the subjects! Thank you iEducators!

Derrick Chan
Chongfu School, P3.

My colleague recommended iEducators to me. Following that, I enrolled my son for the free trial lesson for Sec 3 Physics. My son enjoyed the trial lesson stating that the tutor made the “boring” Physics equations come “alive” with several real life examples. I am delighted to share that enrolling Jake into iEducators was the right choice. He is now able to make notes on the concepts taught to him during the lessons and he has topped his class in the recent year-end Physics exams! Thank you iEducators! I will definitely recommend this tuition centre to my friends!

Parent of Jake Fang
Northbrooks Sec School, Sec 3

I used to fear Mathematics, but after joining iEducators, I was finally able to understand the logic behind each concept! My tutor’s teaching method made it easy for me to understand my mistakes. He also exposed me to different kinds of challenging questions to make me more confident of the subject. Eventually I got an A for my Mathematics!

Pang Kah Bin
Yishun Pri School, P6

iEducators’ Chemistry tuition classes were very unique and interesting. I was taught how to draw mindmaps to improve my understanding of the chemistry concepts. Lessons were so fun and enriching. Furthermore, iEducators’ Whatapp helpline helped me a lot, as I could get timely clarification from my tutor even after class. My grades for Chemistry improved tremendously and I scored an A for my O Levels! Highly recommend this tuition centre!

Yishun Sec School, Sec 4

My Physics improved from C5 (mid years) to A1 (final exam) after only a few months. To be honest, I was not sure if it was going to work out at the start, but the tutor’s teaching methods were so effective that I actually became interested in the subject and started to do well in it!

Yvonne Tan
Yishun Town Sec School, Sec 3