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Is tuition necessary? A necessity or just a good-to-have?

Parents would have frequently asked themselves these questions – is tuition really a necessity, or would my child be able to cope just as fine without it?

Living in a highly competitive environment, exams are becoming more difficult than ever before. Coupled with the fact that most parents want to give their children a good head start over their peers, tuition has evolved to be more of a necessity than anything else in today’s situation.

As mentioned in this article – – tuition has emerged to be a necessity due to 3 main reasons:

1) Highly Difficult Exams and Insufficient Textbooks
2) Overly High Expectations for Self-Directed Learning
3) Large Classes Sizes and Lack of Personalised Attention

“Primary school textbooks contain only a fraction of what students need to know to pass exams. Yet in some schools, teachers do NOT come together to write curriculum materials. In other schools, the resultant learning materials produced can be of rather poor quality. In such schools (though not all), teachers teach largely from the insufficient textbooks. However, every student from every Singapore school takes the same PSLE. Students naturally feel the need to augment the textbooks with learning materials from tuition centres. For too many primary school students, tuition is the only way to access learning resources they need to cope with exams because textbooks document so little.”

Furthermore, with large class sizes in schools, students barely get personalised attention in class. In an average class size of 30-40 students, it’s almost impossible for the teacher to mark homework/assignments as detailed as how tutors are able to. Hence, parents have increasingly turned to tuition centres so that their children can get a high degree of individualised feedback and personal attention in class.

At iEducators, we ensure that each and every student are given personalised attention and individualised comments to help all of them achieve greater heights and maximise their potential. We also provide timely feedback to parents to ensure that parents are always updated on the children’s progress. Ace your exams with iEducators today! CONTACT US here!

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